Stewartcreed Family greetings,

                                               all: in, of, for, by, within, about, due-to, jESUS!, JESUS!, JESUS!

              Long UnTOLD, TRUE, EYE-WITNESS tEStAMENtS,



I GET THAT, I, iN, and OF mySELF, THAT, i AM NOTHing, 
I AM SO ABSOLUTELY,...Insignificant and Unimportant,...Yet, I AM. 
i Am.!!! and So ARE YoU And yOUR’S*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Somehow, Someway, Today, This new Day.  We are here twogether*!

I must begin by stating that for 20 years I have refused to do what I now shall actively begin.

I will give in to the job for which I was chosen some 20 years ago.  
Not my choice.  Not even in my top 100 choices.

The Reluctant-Recorder*, is initiating recordings at GOD’s request.
I know.  Crazy right.  ....Or,  ......not...

Can you take a moment, and honestly consider what it is to 
be:   ...       “Called”     ...            !!!!!!!

To actually have GOD confront you physically, at a specific moment in this human time, and show clearly, and precisely, what HE wants, for you, to do, and, what HE wants, those that come in touch with you, on a daily basis, to experience...because of what you are spewing,... ...doing???????????,

Think about it,....   I mean, really think about it.  
The demands, the personal costs required, and the ridicule one may face, out in reality, among loved ones and friends,    ...????  seriously....???..............,  
Think about it!  Ponder it!  Feel it.,,,  Taste it.,,  Digest it.,   

Now we can go on,.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!  Right?,  Yeah!!!!!!!!,  Right?,   Get it.  UHhuh,  
                                         That’s right.   
Ominous right?    Overwhelming right?  No-way?  This can’t really be happening.  Right?,        Right?,         Right?,     Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Oh so very WRONG!!!!!!!

I have living proof, that it happens.  GOD exists.  HIS omnipotent powers are alive and well.  Right now.  Right here, as you, read on.
Even now, today, in this human world’s darkness, the healing Light of Love, called JESUS, awaits anyone’s gasping hiccup, of any type of requests, or acknowledgements, pointed within HIS direction.  
JESUS, it is so much more than any other human WORD!

Who really wants to be “Called”.

No-one in their right mind, right?

Well then, with that established, let us begin.

And I do mean us....begin......WARNING!..........  
I repeat!  WARNING!............

There is no reading this without involving your own personal liability.  Never again can you claim ignorance.  Not here.  Or, in the here-after.

You will not be able to say to GOD,...
             “I DID NOT KNOW.”     “I DID NOT KNOW.”
HE will know better.

Be forewarned.  This stuff is True, ... and Real.  ...Now.  ...Today.  
...This moment,

Give me time,  

                                 GOD willing I see tomorrow, More is to come,...

                 and then?,...
and then?,...

Parts of the following were recently written in a letter, by myself, to a blood relative of mine.  One, whom, is, as Good a person as any could ever be, and much, much, more, ...honestly.  Believe me, the people of which I am about to speak and share, are not like most of us.  They worship and serve GOD in an extremely humble, gloriously fruitful, and divinely faithfull*, way. 

 Absolutely, committed to GOD, and the HOLY BIBLE, in the highest of manners.  The Living existence of their spirituality exists in an effortlessly, seamlessly, minute by minute, sort of way.  It flows freely from them, to others, in, and within, aside and about, above and beyond, as an unseen rhythm-continuous, that mere, finite words, could never begin to do justice.  

A daily devotion to JESUS, requiring an amount of time and effort in:  focus, attitude, and attention(c)1988Stewartcreed,  
with regards to our LORD, that most would be unwilling to devote themselves completely, and with such unselfish dedications*.  Giving 110 % of themselves, mind, heart, and soul, AllWays*.  

They experience each new day with honest hopes and humble yearnings, certain, that they can, and will, receive an audience with GOD this day, today.  They unobtrusively and patiently, await the unpredictable deliverance of GOD’s divine interventions, (appointments). 

 They walk through this daily life, called human existence, expecting GOD, on an, any given moment, basis.  It is a part of their LIVING, shared contract, physical experience, with GOD’s LOVE, JESUS’ LOVE, and the LOVE of HIS LIVING HOLY SPIRIT.  

These people possess a type of relationship with the LIVING HOLY SPIRIT that most of you, or I, could never completely envision, or totally comprehend.  

I have witnessed miracles, that one of them, then, treated as a common, ordinary, everyday, commonly expected occurrence, absolutely, normal type of thing.  Something the scriptures of The New Testament of The Holy Bible demands, repeatedly.  
I kid you not.  
These miraculous healings and such, are normal Christian events, to be open to, and behold, as long as it was GOD’s Will to enable it to happen.  
I kid you not.  
Today, there are many living first-hand, eye-witnesses to such events.
I kid you not.  Honest, cross my heart.

I had recently reconnected with this second cousin of mine at my father’s memorial service this past October, 2008.  I had not seen her, or her mother in 2 years.  At that time, they performed, along with my cousin Samuel,(father and husband, respectively, to the aforementioned two), wonderful music, indescribable by words, absolutely inspired by GOD, pulsating from the JESUS within, in them, and out to their audience.  All, soaked through to the bone by the LIVING HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS. The mother and daughter performed during my Aunt Anna’s funeral service, and cousin Samuel played a glorious horn, sounding magical notes, in divine chords, that only GOD could inspire, at the outdoor burial gravesite dedication to the same Aunt Anna, in a small town in the Panhandle of Texas.  

The woman we were burying, my oh, so beloved, Aunt Anna, walked here on earth, AllWays* in JESUS Love first and foremost.  She was a most incredibly Good, TruthFull*, compassionate, one of a kind, living example to the rejuvenating purity's of GOD’s unbound, eternal and omnipotent Love.  To verify this claim, all yaahAll, need do, is ask anyone whom had ever met her.  “What was your impression of this woman?”  Their responses would be:  “she was Good”, “she was kind”, “she was just”, “everyone enjoyed and loved her”, “she and hers humbly honored, and were truly Blessed by GOD”.  

God Bless my Aunt Anna, GOD rest her everlasting sweet soul divine, 
ooooOh, So... kind.”  Amen.  
GodBless my GOOD father, my GOOD cousin Sam, and my GOOD cousin Kay,(with whom I grew up with, as close to me, as any sister could ever be.) who have recently joined her, in The house of GOD, Heaven.

Prior to that, it had been many years since I had seen them, my first and second cousins, 2 persons whom possess and behold, GOD’s Finest honors.  

As a child, there had been 16 consecutive years where on an annual basis, me, my 3 brothers, and my 1 sister would spend 2-3 weeks living with these Texas panhandle, Oklahoma, born, relatives on my father’s side of the family.  Oftentimes, being left to their supervision  and guiding wisdoms, entirely, while my dad and mom, respectively, along with their relatively new spouses, (4 divorces, 6 marriages between them, within 2 families that did not know much of divorce compared to the outside world standards), set off without us young kids in tow, while these newlyweds explored unknown regions, oftentimes, directed in a quest of meeting unknown, newly acquired relatives.  

This time together with my family, in Texas, between me and my 3 brothers and sister, spent in reunion with our blood relatives, Grandma and Grandpa, cousins and cousins, Aunts and Uncles, soon became our most memorable childhood highlights, highest personal joys, and possibly the key to our own fully actualized existences, and our own personal salvation’s. 

It provided a confidence and power, carried to whatever state within this U.S.of A., that life took us.  It was what would become our combined spiritual core, founded in JESUS LIVING HOLY SPIRIT and fueled by expressions of HIS dynamic gifts, utilized by GOOD and Godly pursuits.  All, in, and with hopes of, in, by, for, within, about, due to,...physically experiencing, JESUS’, LIVING HOLY SPIRIT, with a GOOD knowledge and a GOOD understanding of, JESUS, HIS LIVING unending LOVE.  A powerful, bonding force that brought us Stewart’s and our immediate family’s significant others, repeatedly, together.  Providing a type of learned focus, oblivious to outside distractions, with depths extending far beyond what any outsider could possibly see.  We shared intimately their daily experience with JESUS, and it changed,(imbued us), forever, regardless, of our own personal, human faults, it lays constant and aware, awaiting a call, always listening, always present within, a pulse of loud-silent whispers, the light of GOD’s calmingly peacefull*, wonderfullness*.  God Bless them and theirs forever.  All in JESUS.  

We would spend 1-2 weeks in Dalhart, Texas, or roaming the outer regions of the Texas panhandle.  Then, for 1 week plus, we would take an adventure of explorations to the Red River, area in northern New Mexico mountains, with rivers, lakes, wood cabins, and trout-fishin’, (near Taos, N.M.), at Young’s Ranch mountain range, a simple 10-12 family, log cabins, dirt resort, to be exact.

These childhood homes of ours, (me, my brothers and sister), were a highly anticipated, thoroughly satiating, wonderfully inspiring, annual experience, something us kids could count on, at a confusing time in my family’s young life.  Simply Good, and overwhelmingly GODly places, this small Texas town, and the adventures to be discovered in the Northern New Mexico mountains.  Proud communities of family, friends and neighbors all working and playing together in a common celebration, exalting GOD, enjoying life and sharing amongst themselves, stopping to behold life’s many GOD Given natural beauty’s.  

A place which was in possession of the indescribable core elements essential to what creates an atmosphere full of potentials that can allow, children, Men-Women, to truly become greatly Good in GOD’s LOVE.  Focused on what is best for not only themselves, but, also aware of, and in hopes for, the greatest common Good, of every man, woman, and child.  To LOVE our neighbors as ourselves.


“One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, "Of all the commandments, which is the most important?"
    29"The most important one," answered Jesus, "is this: 'Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.[a] 30Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.'[b] 31The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'[c]There is no commandment greater than these.”

We Stewart’s, come from a family of GOD fearing, family loving, and hard working people.  Simple in core focus, strongly, and completely, devoted in what we hold to be important, GODly, just, and true.  AllWays focused on GOD first, in all matters, no matter.  Family next.  And then work.  In that order!  All else that might come your way in addition to these, is considered a bonus.

My grandfather started numerous churches in both Oklahoma, and the Texas panhandle.  This began what was to become a cherished  family tradition of founding churches dedicated to GOD’s Glory JESUS.  The Stewart clan has produced churches in at least three states that I know of.  Three generations of humble, BIBLICALLY focused pastors, all evolving from our simple, humble, GOD-given ranks.  

from the letter I mentioned at the beginning,...

     “... there have been many changes for me since.  The honest truth is that so much of my once routinely common, daily walk along my life's simple and humble dirt path, has become an hour to hour race along a twisting, sprawling never before, completely experienced,  cement superhighway.  I now travel by new roads, in new directions, and in all new ways.  Ever hoping to stay entirely focused on HIS Passions, not mine.  All in our LORD, The foretold CHRIST, JESUS, who died on the cross for our eternal salvation.  I know, I am preaching to the choir my fellow brothers and sisters in JESUS.

I spend much of my time in search of finding new potentials in old, commonly known and generally accepted words and titles.  Subjects that are oh, so often; misunderstood, confusingly repeated, and at times, misrepresented by clever tongue-twisters.  Remember, I grew up in the Church, daily as a child.  Those of you that have experienced this will know, and understand, what this can mean.

My task at hand now is to present a technologically sophisticated production, combining Reverend Joshua Jr.'s Sermons, live Rock music and live Ballet, hoping that it contains some of the raw, unbound Glories and Giftings* of the most basic Truth(s) known to man-woman. 
The undeniable, all knowing love of JESUS.  The infinite, and mostly unexplainable, unending and gloriously everlasting Light of GOD.  And to be able. GOD willing, to demonstrate to an audience the spoken and unspoken understanding(s) of GOD’s Truth(s), The One God, in His Resurrected Son JESUS, and the indisputable fact HE Lives now amongst all as an undefinable form, “The LIVING HOLY SPIRIT”.   This LIVING, physical TRUTH, provides us with the knowledge of this root to our own personal Salvation in JESUS.  It is this Great Sacrifice and it’s demonstration of omnipotent LOVE, HIS LOVE for us, that has always been our most precious gift from GOD, as human beings.   

I know, absolutely, that GOD wants this.  I pray continuously, with hopes that GOD, JESUS, and the LIVING HOLY SPIRIT will continue to guide this rediscovery of these core, basic fundamentals of trampled upon words and topics. I know that if we can stay acutely focused on "Simply" JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, that HE, will provide us with HIS, Blessed fruits and growth potentials, yet to be realized.  
Let us hope and yearn, to capture even a small fraction of JESUS’ overwhelmingly Incredible LIVING Love.  We hope to Unveil HIS LIVING Presence and Powers upon the audience which we know is HIS Will.  How many times in the New Testament does HE demand this exact thing?

All of the above are parts of this quest to find GOD’s way to present “SIMPLY JESUS”.  Both, the Spiritual and the physical Truth's of HIS LIVING, Active and Continuously present, Presence, in all human existence.  

Hopefully, at some point, with as few words as possible.  Isn't that what HE taught us.  
Why is it that JESUS never wrote ???, one (1) one, 
not even one,  word.!!!!!!!??????????

Our sole focus is on finding a (actually GOD's enabling us to) way to provide others an atmosphere where they can explore, on a personal, one on one level, the, simple Truth of HIS, LIVING HOLY SPIRIT and all of GOD's Gift's that can, and do, go with that.  

         add insight to the significance of “1885, 86, 87, 88”,

I find I no longer need an alarm to get up in the mornings at what was once my usual waking time of 7:13 am, (remember I work nights).  These past couple of months, since standing up and stepping forward to own GOD's long ago and loud Call to me, I find I cannot sleep in any more.  Even when I try.  Like clockwork, I now wake up by GOD's silent alarm clock HE has set for me.  Usually right around 6 am.  I go all day, as best I can, working on all of this, in one way or another, until I no longer can focus, and know I must stop to sleep.  I am pushing my mind, body and soul to achieve their highest possible efforts as I renegotiate the new realities and necessities of how much time is available for keeping up with the many changes I am now encountering, daily.  

The creation of Stewartcreed®™, and Stewardcreed®™ Dances Living Library®™, are finally happening. God gave these 2 names  and their concepts to me in 1987-88.  Since then HE and I have been struggling with... developing,... these becomings* that are now happening.  I have yet to completely present to any other all of what, GOD Willing I continue to live, All of this, is..., to be.  I don't care to talk about the details unless needed, I just want to get it done before I die.  When I was 30 I did not want to be "just" a Christian choreographer-composer,... Creative ARTIST.  
How stupid huh?  I get that now.”  At 50, I now ask forgiveness for my arrogance and my disrespect. 

“Remember what CHRISt JESUS kept repeating. Over and over, 
                               “The Kingdom of GOD is near,,...
the Kingdom of GOD is inside each, and every one of us, now, today, this very moment.”

            ✍       insert your own, Top Ten Favorite perSONal quoteS,                                 
                          of   yOUR “JESUS”!

Which can miraculously, Undefinably change,... tHIS,... Your,... Life! BeSoBold*.  Say the One Greatest Word of ALL.
watch in True Wonder, as HE           

            inSTANtLY,      beginsTransforming              YOU and your’s*!
I have no desire to tell you of these Happenings, other than to archive, and bear WiTnesS, to what I have Honestly, TrueFully*, seen and now Foretell, (sitting around the Old Time CampFire,... style,... ).  
(My Good Brother David Lyon’s style).  Perhaps the Greatest Worship Leader any Church has ever known. Listener, Provider, Comforting intercessor to JESUS LIVING HOLY SPIRIT, And, at the quickest and most constant and dependable rate, I have ever experienced.
Each week.  In literal seconds.  No Lie!  GOD’s Power came.  Strong enough to knock one over. THE HOLY SPIRIT of JESUS was upon everyone present.  Everyone.
Surrounded, calmly, comfortably, amongst beLoved friends, and welcomed guest, watching the streaming flames, raining down,... HIS SPIRIT, New of Old,...Anew.     
BeFore me, Foretold.  ReExplored now.
“lt”, is All a Wonder to me now, in this, Our, Life’s Glory.
Thank You JESUS...

CoPublisher, Member.
James E. Stewart MFA, NOV.2008©2009
                     now, as “it” comes, too, to a close?


              BeWell!  My Good, and Noble Friends.

My One GOD.
Unto YOU, I BeHold.  Amen.

Take a moment and check out the 4 Gospels, (FOUR), the words and tellings of JESUS.  Go directly to the BOOK!          
The #1 Best Seller, of All time.
New Testament Truttths,...  
the BeGinnigsToBeginOnceAgain*.
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
It will take less, than the time required, for a morning cup of coffee.  And may,... Rock your worlds,... and change your (this) LiFe.
At this very moment.

I give to YOU, entirely, 
my, WholeHeartedEfforts*and SoulFeltDesires*.
ThankYou, JESUS, LIVING HOLY SPIRIT, here now.
Walking and sleeping besides us, Now.  
Tucking us in,... in comforting safety, peaceFully* at bedtime.  And, joyFully* slapping us awake in the morning.  Oh Yeahhh.  
Oh me? Oh my?  
We are so Truly Blessed, this New Day.  Each Today.  Praise JESUS.  Praise and BeHold.

I hope to provide, my Highest of all, possible, Honours, unto YOU, (spelling is old school style). YahKnow,...? Oh Yeahhhh,...!  I know you know.    
Unto “YOU”, I bow, my Omnipotent LORD.  
Paramount before All.
And, UnMatched*, amongst any known World.

I am humbly, graceFully*, peaceFully*, 
giving thanks on my knees before YOU, now.  NOW!
     And,  forEver more,... and More,... and  
James E. Stewart MFA,  CoPublisher,  Member.
(Note, * is used to indicate a new word, used, implying an idea that I hope to have created in my 
also see:
Dances Living Libraries™©

James E. Stewart MFA
CoFounder,  Publisher.